VANCOUVER -- Bears are not uncommon the North Shore, but a Vancouver resident felt compelled to pull out his phone during his latest sighting.

Adam Kautzman was driving through the North Vancouver Cemetery on his way to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve on Monday when he saw two bears standing up on their hind legs grappling with each other.

"I feel like it's not very often you get to see two of them, let alone kind of playing around like that," he said.

Kautzman says he watched the bears for about five to 10 minutes and recorded about a minute of their interaction. One of the bears is cinnamon-coloured and one is black, he says, and he believes he saw the same pair last year.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Kautzman says he often films wildlife encounters, and while he's getting used to seeing bears and other wildlife, it's still exciting every time.

"I love getting to see them," he said "It's a treat for sure."