A North Shore cab company is apologizing and their driver faces a suspension – or worse – after a dashcam caught some dangerous driving on video.

The video, taken on Sunday, shows a Sunshine Cabs car driving south on Capilano Road in a bike lane. Then it runs the red light at the Capilano Suspension Bridge – while people are still in the crosswalk heading to the attraction.

When CTV News took the video to Sunshine Cabs General Manager Gurdip Sahota, he said he was “very upset.”

“He could have hit the pedestrians. There’s a reason the light was red,” Sahota said while watching the video.

The cab company tracked down the driver, and Sahota said he was hired recently to replace someone taking a vacation.

“We will interview him, and get a copy of this footage, sit down with him and I’m sure he’ll have some story. But nothing he says can justify what happens in the video,” Sahota said.

The driver faces a suspension, and possibly worse if there is more in his driving history, Sahota said, apologizing on behalf of the cab company.

The dashcam video comes less than a week after a Yellow Cab driver in Vancouver was caught on video refusing to take a man home to New Westminster because it’s “too far.” B.C. rules say cabbies can’t refuse a fare based on the length of a trip.

The video had been handed to North Vancouver RCMP, who investigated, but say they aren’t ticketing the driver as the main witness declined to testify in court.

Tourists at the suspension bridge saw the dashcam video and were shocked.

“I think that’s insane,” said Melissa Lalonde, who is visiting from Ontario. “I would have been really upset if I was in that cab.”

Ryan and Leah Kelly, visiting from California with their two-year-old son Luke, said they were surprised.

“You would think that a guy that drives for a living would follow the law,” said Ryan Kelly.

Leah Kelly said the family would “look both ways five times” before crossing Capilano Road.