Residents of a Kelowna neighbourhood are concerned for their furry friends after a family’s cat was found suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

Paul Cleve, an emergency room doctor, said his family noticed their cat Jason was acting strangely and hiding out in the basement of their Maple Street home on Aug. 19.

When they went to check on him, they saw Jason was dragging one of his legs. An X-ray later revealed what appeared to be bullet fragments in the tabby’s body.

Cleve told CTV News the family is “absolutely dumbfounded” by what happened.

“We’re in a city, we’re in a nice neighbourhood, and he’s a lovely cat,” Cleve told CTV News. “He’s the kind of cat that likes having his belly rubbed, so he’d lie there, flail about and his leg, which is broken mid-femur, would flop back and forth.”

The family called the RCMP and Mounties confirmed they are investigating. Few details have been confirmed, but authorities believe the little orange cat was injured near the Cleves’ home within about a day of the family discovering the wound.

It’s unclear why the cat might have been targeted. Cleve said it’s possible someone was upset at Jason for defecating on their property.

“Is poop in your yard worth the life of a living creature?” he asked.

Fortunately, Jason is currently on the mend, according to his owners, thanks to a pricey surgery that cost thousands of dollars.

The Cleves said Jason has been a trooper throughout the experience, and is still purring and seemingly happy.

The family’s home is a short distance from downtown Kelowna, but nearby residents said the picturesque neighbourhood is the last place they’d expect to hear gunfire.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Kent Molgat