VANCOUVER -- Police in Metro Vancouver caught a brave cat in the act of defending its turf, with no backup needed.

Video posted by police in Port Moody on Twitter shows a short-lived standoff between a cat and a coyote.

The coyote can be seen cautiously approaching a vehicle, before a black cat launches into action. The cat manages to chase off the coyote.

The Port Moody Police Department's caption says it all: "Cat 1, coyote 0."

A Vancouver police officer jokingly chimed in on social media, asking if the city could borrow the cat for a few days.

The cat may be able to help out, the officer joked, with an ongoing issue with coyotes in Stanley Park.

Aggressive coyotes have been involved in several attacks in the popular park, including two incidents last week that prompted a warning from conservation officials. 

All visitors should take precautions, officers said. Fortunately both people involved in the recent attacks on or near the seawall had only minor injuries.