They have struck again! University of British Columbia engineering students are believed to be responsible for suspending a Volkswagen Bug car under the Lions Gate Bridge. Traffic is not being affected by the prank. U.B.C. engineering students are well known for their stunts of placing cars in on the roofs of buildings and off of bridges.

Today's stunt comes almost seven years to the day, U.B.C. students dangled a Volkswagen Bug off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On Monday February 5, 2001, the body of a red Beetle was pushed off the eastern side of the bridge in the early morning hours. It was suspended by a cable and hovered 100 feet above the San Francisco Bay. It hung there for over four hours while authorities debated how to get it down, eventually the nylon cords were cut and the car it sank to the bottom of the water.

U.B.C. engineering students claimed responsibility for the incident say they wanted to "draw attention to the masterful feats of professional engineers and to celebrate the skills of the tradespeople who built the bridges." The students said the stunt also was designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of a similar prank in Vancouver.