There was romance in the air at Thursday's Vancouver Canucks game, where thousands of cheering fans were treated to a sweetly unconventional marriage proposal.

Amanda Mussio popped the question to her boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, by arranging a set-up few of the onlookers at Rogers Arena are soon to forget.

It started with Haubrich being selected, seemingly at random, to play the Canucks Puck Shuffle contest mid-game. Little did he know there was a surprise waiting for him after he won.

The arena's screens lit up with "Will you marry me?" and Mussio appeared holding a bouquet of rose-shaped Doritos.

He accepted immediately and the new fiancé and fiancée kissed for the crowd.

"I had no idea," Haubrich told "I knew we were coming to the game but I had no idea anything like this was going to happen."

Mussio said she had butterflies waiting for the big moment, but that her plan went off perfectly.

"He was a little more excited than I expected him to be, which is awesome," she told the league website.