The Vancouver Canucks can be an antidote to our economy's financial woes -- especially if they win, say local businesses.

After a slow season -- thanks to what was a strong Canadian dollar -- hotels like the Sandman Hotel in downtown Vancouver get back in business.

"Last night we were sold out, 302 rooms," said Sandman Guest Services Manager Aleksandar Nogo. "If the Canucks weren't in town, we'd probably do half that."

No question, a winning NHL team does great things for the spirit of the city, and gives local restaurants a huge boost, said Hannan Younis of Moxie's Classic Grill.

"It would be pretty slow," said Younis. "We still have concerts and stuff, but the hockey games are like our event nights that we're prepared for."

And painter Peter Wyse says he sells more Canucks paintings when the team is doing well.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's St. John Alexander