A three-day trade show all about marijuana kicked off in Vancouver Friday, and there were fewer dreadlocks and tie-dye T-shirts than you might expect.

Instead, the vibe at the Vancouver LCBC and Expo 2019 was decidedly business-casual, with high-tech displays filling the Vancouver Convention Centre—a sign of rapidly changing attitudes in a multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing just as fast.

"This isn't Cheech and Chong… This is a refined retail experience," said Andrew Gordon of Saskatchewan-based cannabis company Kiaro.

"We look to create an inviting, informed, collaborative experience for consumers and we really aim to be socially responsible and compliant."

This is the third year of the expo, but organizers are expecting much larger crowds this time now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada.

In total, they're anticipating more than 15,000 people to visit the convention centre by Sunday.