VANCOUVER - Police in Burnaby, B.C., are warning the public it can be hard to tell the difference between candy and cannabis-laced edibles.

The RCMP detachment posted side-by-side photos asking viewers if they could tell which was which.

In the above image, the regular candy is on the left and the edibles are on the right.

The edibles pictured were seized this year in the city, the RCMP said. Also located during the investigation, they say, were cannabis-infused potato chips, drinks, cookies and cheesecake.

Edibles became legal in Canada on the anniversary of the legalization of other cannabis products, though they are not yet available for legal purchase.

Mounties issued the advisory Wednesday to warn parents and others that they need to be cautious that edibles aren't consumed accidentally.

"Be aware of how similar they can look to regular store bought products and how attractive they may appear to children," the RCMP said.

While they're not for sale in licenced shops yet, edibles are still readily available at many illegal dispensaries.

In August, Burnaby RCMP said they'd uncovered "shockingly large quantities of cannabis products, including edibles" in a bust at a shop on Imperial Street.

"When we seized these drugs we were struck at how similar they looked to store bought products," Cpl. Brett Cunningham said.

"We're asking that if you have these kinds of edibles in your home that you are careful where you leave them and ensure they are not confused for non-cannabis products."

Those who use edibles are asked to ensure they're properly labelled and stored in child-resistant, sealed containers stored out of reach of children.

Below are photos from the Burnaby RCMP news conference showing seized products.

Edibles or candy?

Edibles or candy?

Edibles or candy?

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Peter Bremner in Burnaby