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Campsite reservation reseller busted by B.C. officials

This screenshot of a post on Reddit shows a campsite for sale on an online marketplace. This screenshot of a post on Reddit shows a campsite for sale on an online marketplace.

Someone reselling reservations to two popular B.C. campsites was recently busted by the province, which stepped in and cancelled the bookings.

A spokesperson for the Environment Ministry confirmed that sites at the popular Alice Lake and Porteau Cove parks in the Sea to Sky region were being resold, and explained what happens when incidents like this are flagged.

"BC Parks places a high priority on maintaining fair and equitable access to reservations for all users. If BC Parks suspects a reservation holder of reselling, BC Parks will do an investigation to confirm the behaviour. If it’s found to be true, the reservation holder will have their reservations cancelled, without refund," a statement from a spokesperson said.

"BC Parks’ intention is to effectively take action against any unfair booking practices including the resale of campsites.”

The official confirmation comes after a recent post on Reddit showing an online marketplace ad offering a spot at Alice Lake for $40, plus the initial booking fees.

"And I was wondering why I could never get a campsite reservation," the post's title says.

The official online booking process is one that has frustrated users in the past – particularly before the website was revamped. Still, commenters on the post noted that it's difficult to get prime spots on popular dates, even for those who set their alarms to be first online when bookings open up.

Once a reservation is locked in, it is non-transferable per BC Park policy. The booking website explicitly warns would-be campers and would-be profiteers against reselling.

The ministry also said terms of reservations only allow the people whose names are on the booking to occupy the campsite.

"Failure to present proof of identity upon arrival and during the stay may result in the reservation being cancelled in-park without refund," the emailed statement said. Top Stories

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