Firefighters were called to Vancouver's Stanley Park Friday afternoon after flames broke out in a hard-to-reach area.

They were called to a spot near the Second Beach after park-goers spotted smoke rising through the trees around 4 p.m. Firefighters worked with park rangers to control the situation, and asked for help from CTV's Chopper 9 to locate the flames.

Vancouver Fire said it appeared that the flames seemed to be higher up in the tree. Typically, a fire would break out near the base, they said.

From the air, it appeared that there may have been a tent and camping debris set up next to the flames.

The location of the fire made it harder to reach, they said, because they were unable to drive a ladder truck down from the trail. They did reach the scene eventually and were able to put out the blaze.

Crews also dug down into the ground and used a thermal imaging camera to make sure there were no remaining hot spots.