U.S. prosecutors say a former reality TV star from Calgary has been charged with murder in death of ex-wife.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, 32, disappeared after reporting his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore missing on the weekend.

Earlier, her naked body was found stuffed in a suitcase and tossed in a dumpster in Buena Park, Calif.

On Thursday, the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office in northwest Washington, near the Canadian border, said they found Jenkins' vehicle and an empty boat trailer at a marina in Blaine, Wash.

They also received a report that a man matching Jenkins' description was seen arriving by boat at Point Roberts, a peninsula that is U.S. territory but is only accessible by land from Canada.

It is 16 kilometres from where Jenkins' vehicle was found, and police believe he may have walked across the border into B.C., after landing.

Responding to reports, Federal Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said police nationwide are on the lookout for Jenkins.

A Vancouver radio station is reporting that Ryan Jenkins' mother lives in the city. According to a family friend she went to visit her son in Seattle yesterday.

Jenkins a 'person of interest'

Jenkins was last seen with Fiore, 28, on Friday night in San Diego, where the pair may have been attending a poker tournament. Jenkins is believed to be the last person with her before she was murdered.

Jenkins, who moved to Los Angeles to be a contestant on a reality show called "Megan Wants a Millionaire," was described as an investment banker in his profile on the show's website. It has now been removed.

The 32-year-old is also listed as the CEO and an associate for Sky Homes Calgary, on that company's website.

Once taping for the VH1 reality show wrapped up, Jenkins went to Las Vegas where he met Fiore in March. They two were married soon after.

In May, the marriage was annulled, according to reports.

Jenkins 'charming, nice,' to show cast

The host of the reality show told CTV's Canada AM he remembered Jenkins as a fun-loving ladies' man.

"When we first started taping the show he immediately impacted everyone as being a fairly charming, fairly nice, dare I say it, quote unquote normal individual," Rob Locke said Thursday.

"As the show progressed he became more and more, how can I put it, self-confident, in his ability to win the show, to win the competition, and certainly he didn't have any doubts about his ability to romance with women."

Shortly after the show finished taping, Locke learned through a social networking site that Jenkins had gotten married. He said he was surprised that Jenkins, who he thought was single, had gotten married so quickly.

Locke said the airing of the series has been put on hold pending the investigation.

Murdered model was smart, fun, responsible

The modelling agent who represented Fiore said Thursday she was a smart, fun, responsible woman and the news of her death came as a complete shock to the agency.

Ken Henderson, CEO of BEST Agency, told CTV's Canada AM that he worked with her for more than two years.

"It's a very sad story. Jasmine was an amazing, amazing individual," Henderson said.

"She was always upbeat, always professional, and she wasn't overly enamoured by this industry. She had other goals. I think this was a means to an end for her. She was very business minded and she always wanted to do her own thing, so we were all pretty shocked at the office."

Fiore was having dinner with another man when Henderson ran into her about a month ago in Las Vegas -- the last time he saw her.

He told Canada AM she seemed "very happy" and "looked great."

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