VANCOUVER - A climate demonstration on Vancouver's Burrard Street Bridge came to an end Monday night as police arrested 10 protesters.

Demonstrators shut down the bridge to vehicle traffic at about 9:30 a.m. Monday, coinciding with other rallies on major bridges in several Canadian cities. The demonstrations were organized by the group Extinction Rebellion to demand action on the climate crisis.

Protesters carried placards in the rain, and things remained fairly calm through most of the day. At one point people played hockey in the street, and in the evening demonstrators held an impromptu dance party.

But around 10 p.m. officers with the Vancouver Police Department warned people it was time to leave. Those who didn't depart were dragged away by officers.

"Between 10 and 11 p.m., on Monday evening, police were forced to arrest ten people for obstruction of justice after they refused to leave the bridge despite receiving several requests, and then warnings, from officers," Sgt. Aaron Roed said in a release.

Other than the arrests, Roed said the protest was peaceful and there were no major incidents.

The bridge re-opened to vehicles around 11 p.m.