Burnaby Mounties fired at least 27 shots in the direction of a man with a gun at a Burnaby housing complex on Friday night, video of the dramatic incident shows.

The RCMP say they were responding to a call of a man with a gun near Lougheed Town Centre – and then reacting to his threats to hurt himself and the officers nearby.

“I heard a pop, and I thought it was a firecracker,” said one resident, who gave his name as Ivan. “There was a little pause and a whole bunch of pops…I looked out and there were a bunch of police officers surrounding the guy on the ground in a pool of blood.”

“It’s really shocking. I’m shaking,” apartment resident Nanami Sawada told CTV News.

The incident began around 7:45 pm, when witnesses say police chased the man’s vehicle into the parking lot at the front of the building on Salish Court.

“We saw police get out of the car with guns drawn,” said Betty, a witness who watched the scene unfold with her husband Frank.

The man appeared frustrated that he had hit a dead end and could be heard yelling even from her apartment balcony, she said.

“They were calling to the individual in the car, get out of the car, drop the gun, get out of the car,” said Frank. “That went on for quite a while.”

Police officers approached the car but the noise continued, and the man didn’t leave the car, Frank said. Then there were two shots, followed by many more, he said.

That’s when the video begins, where 27 shots can be heard. Then there’s a short pause, and an officer yells, “Drop the gun, drop the gun!”

At least one of those shots found its target, said another witness, who gave his name as Dan.

“You could see blood pouring out, and they took him away,” Dan said.

McCrady said the man left the car but was too injured to stand.

“Eventually he did crawl out of the car. He was crawling on the ground,” said Frank.

The man was taken to hospital, and is expected to survive. No officers were injured. Police watchdog, the IIO, is investigating. Authorities have not made his name public.