A Burnaby man has pleaded guilty to nine charges of burglary after a string of break-and-enters in North Vancouver, Delta and Vancouver.

Twelve charges were approved against Gordon Vincent Gladstone in March and on Aug. 30, he pled guilty to nine of them. 

Over a three-month period between September 2018 and January of this year, police say Gladstone targeted small businesses that were closed for the night. After 11 break-and-enters, he was caught in the middle of a 12th burglary by Mounties.

A judge has since ordered that Gladstone be held in prison until January, 2020. 

"If you've had a break-in to your home or business you know how upsetting it is," said Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP in a news release. 

"When we take a victim's report we see how emotional it is. It creates fear and anger, and it really hurts their sense of security. It’s really unfair. That's one of the reasons we feel so motivated to identify and capture the people who do these kinds of crimes so that we can stop them from hurting people in our community."

Mounties also provided tips for how locals can protect themselves against property crimes. 

"Make sure there's good lighting around your home at night, don't store large amounts of cash at home, and keep especially valuable jewellery in a lock box at the bank. If that's not possible, and you store them in a safe at home, find an unusual hiding place. In other words, not the bedroom closet," DeVries said. 

Other tips include doing a security check on your home to see if there are any possible entry points, installing good locks and not leaving tell-tale signs that you're out of town.