New Democrat MLAs spoke out Monday to address leaked provincial government emails they say show the BC Liberals planned to use health safety issues at Burnaby Hospital to gain votes.

The NDP claims the community consultation committee was run by Liberal operatives as part of a step-by-step strategy to use issues at the hospital for political gain.

“They were not concerned with the well being of the citizens of Burnaby and quality of the health care… they were concerned with the political outcome,” said Raj Chouhan MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds.

Chouhan said two sets of leaked emails, released two weeks ago and on Thursday, outline how the BC Liberals will use the issue of healthcare to keep the two Liberal seats in Burnaby and take out NDP MLA Kathy Corrigan in her Burnaby-Deer Lake riding.

Corrigan said the documents show the ugly side of provincial politics.

“I think the [health] minister, who is not a stupid person, would not possibly have allowed the info that was passed back and forth about the manipulation of the process to be done in her public emails,” Corrigan said. “You have to ask questions about a government that would hire people that are acting in such a partisan way.”

B.C.’s health minister Margaret MacDiarmid told CTV News some of the information in the emails was incorrect.  

“There are some people involved in the public process, which is led by two MLAs, and they’re very strong supporters of me and of the party, they want us to be re-elected,” MacDiarmid said.

“Some of the things they said in emails are things that would not happen. Premier Clark wouldn't be announcing the funding of a hospital unless funding was secured.”

The complete report from the community consultation committee has not been released but may include recommendations to upgrade or replace Burnaby Hospital.