VANCOUVER -- A fitness centre in Burnaby has been told it can stay open after someone who went to the gym multiple times over a 12-day period recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Tracy Matthews, vice-president of operations for GoodLife Fitness, says an individual who tested positive for the virus spent time at the Burnaby Northgate Club, on North Road, between June 22 and July 3. The person was there at some point between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m. on those days.

Matthews says the company was told by Fraser Health that the person hasn't been at the fitness centre since July 3 and the location is allowed to remain open. 

"We are following the guidance from the local public health authority, which is to inform anyone who may have been in the club during the specific time frames of the possible exposure and advise them that public health has asked that they monitor for symptoms," Matthews said in an emailed statement.

Matthews says Fraser Health has advised the gym that the risk of transmission is “small.” 

"We have not been advised to close our facility or prevent members who may have been in the club at the same time to refrain from working out in our club."

Matthews said all members who may have been in the club at the same time as the individual have been notified by email. 

Gym member Jennifer Brown says she received an email Friday morning advising her she was potentially at the facility at the same time as the person who tested positive, but she still felt safe coming in for her regular workout. 

“It’s unfortunate to hear that’s happened, but I have no apprehensions about coming back whatsoever because of the measures I have seen put in place here, how diligent that have been ,” Brown told CTV News. “I find it almost safer to come here than many other places that I have been going to in the public. 

GoodLife noted it had introduced stringent cleaning protocols meant to reduce the risk of transmission. 

“I feel safe being in there,” gym member Marian Pozzolo told CTV News ."I think gym staff have done a phenomenal job, I’m not worried.”

There have been several recent advisories about possible COVID-19 exposure at Metro Vancouver businesses, including at the No. 5 Orange Strip Club, Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge and at the Belmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver.