A condo owner wasn't able to thwart a break-in at his Burnaby home but he was able to watch it play out live.

A resident of a building in Metrotown was alerted to the incident shortly after noon on July 13, Mounties said in a statement Wednesday.

He had a home surveillance system that was connected to the internet, police said, so he was able to view the suspects through video streamed to his cellphone. The man, who was not home at the time, called police.

A person working in the building was also alerted to the break in and headed up to the suite. When the worker arrived, they were attacked. The assault left them with minor head injuries, police said.

The suspects rushed to a stairwell and fled the scene.

Few details have been provided by police, including whether anything was stolen, but officers said they believe the suspects managed to get into the building using a fob. It is not yet known how they came into possession of the fob.

Nearly four months later, Mounties released a short clip showing the suspects in the case, hoping someone will help track them down.

The 16-second video shows the suspects entering the building after one appears to hold up a fob outside the door. They walk into the building and out of frame as the door closes.

Both men are described as South Asian. The first had a beard at the time, and was wearing a grey sweater, green T-shirt, black baseball cap and blue shoes with white soles. He was carrying a dark coloured duffel bag with red at the ends.

The second was wearing all black, including a black cap, and was carrying a black duffel bag with roller wheels at the front.

Anyone who recognizes the men in the video is asked to call the RCMP at 604-646-9999, or to reach out anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Officers also offered general advice to residents of condo and apartment buildings:

  • Beware of people following behind you when you enter your building.
  • Contact police if you witness suspicious behaviour in stairwells, underground areas or lobbies.
  • Ensure your building has a secure lock on the front door and consider installing cameras.
  • Keep your key fob secure at all times, and alert the building manager if you lose or misplace it.