Three employees at a government office in Victoria feared they had been poisoned after accidentally eating pot brownies that an oblivious co-worker brought into work this week.

Police were called to the Tax Services building Monday after the workers reported feeling light-headed, disoriented and numb in the limbs -- in a word, high. All three were taken to hospital on the assumption that they had been accidentally poisoned.

But curious staff members back at the office tracked the culprit down to a container of brownies in the break room fridge, and developed a sneaking suspicion that the treats were laced with marijuana.

Doctors at the hospital quickly confirmed that theory.

A police investigator on the scene learned that an office worker had discovered the desserts while cleaning out her freezer at home, and decided to bring them in to work to share with here friends. She didn't realize that her son had baked the spiked brownies a year ago and then stashed them away.

The son admitted as much to police, and said he'd simply spaced on where he'd stowed the tray of treats.

Police say they are not recommending charges because the young man had no criminal intent, but he could have faced charges of drug possession and administering a noxious substance.