SURREY -- Heavy machinery loaded with heaps of garbage emerged from the woods of Surrey's so-called Sanctuary Tent City Saturday morning.

Surrey officials warned the campers the city would move-in bright and early, and it did. Workers, accompanied by Mounties, cleared debris from the private property side of the camp located next to King George Boulevard. A large sign has also been posted warning against trespassing.

Despite the bulldozers and the promise of a warm bed in a new shelter known as "The Cove," some campers still remain.

Among those staying was a woman named Robin, who refuses to go because she doesn’t want to leave her dog Shelby. The shelter allows pets, but Robin worries her dog won’t get along with others, and she can’t imagine life without her.

"I’d probably be out there standing in front of a bulldozer right now,” she told CTV News.

An older couple, Dan and Kim, have been living at the camp for five years.

“Finally broke down,” Kim said. “We have to move out of here, we realize that.”

They will now pack-up knowing they can’t take all their belongings because of limited space at The Cove.

"There’s a real feeling of assault,” said Dave Diewert of Alliance Against Displacement. "Watching them destroy people’s places and slash through this with massive equipment.”

But Dan and Kim admitted city officials have been considerate.

Crews will return over the next few days to do more cleaning, and for now are giving the campers that remain a little more time to stay.