When Tracy Lydiatt woke up Sunday morning in the Okanagan she found an unexpected situation with an even more surprising perpetrator.

A neighbor notified Lydiatt that her station wagon window had been smashed and she thought that it had been caused by a burglar.

“We have our camera in the back and some valuables,” she said. “When I realized there was nothing taken, I thought, ‘oh this is strange.’”

Upon further investigation however, Lydiatt discovered the culprit was likely not human.

“I went back and looked around the car and I started seeing little black hairs and a whole bunch of pawprints and slobber so I realized right away. I’ve seen it before. It was a bear.”

Her bag of Great Bear Patties cookies were also gone. The organic, gluten-free chocolate cookies, which Lydiatt produces herself, seemed to have been eaten by a bear.

Lydiatt said the car window was left slightly open which left it vulnerable to the strong and hungry bear looking for a sweet snack.

Fortunately the car was insured. While the window was completely smashed, there is little interior damage.

“There’s a few scratches on the side but they’ll be souvenirs of the experience,” Lydiatt said.