A self-described "purveyor of the strange and unusual" has amassed thousands of followers in mere months by providing a first-hand look at the contents of local libraries.

The person behind the Instagram account "VPLGold," whom CTV News previously agreed to keep anonymous, posts photos of strange titles hidden within the Vancouver Public Library's shelves.

CTV News Vancouver first spoke to the library employee back in May, when the account was a year old and had 220 followers.

In the week after the article was posted, it jumped to 3,200, and now, VPLGold is bringing laughter to more than 4,300 people.

"People from all over the world are sharing funny library books with me, and they're hilarious," the employee said Friday.

He said the biggest message he wants people to glean from the account is simply, "Support your local library."

Friday is Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday meant to encourage a world of smartphone and computer users to power off and pick up a book instead.

For those who need some inspiration, we looked to VPLGold.

The latest covers to be featured include "300 Careers for Women," a tome dating back to the 1930s. Ladies looking for work could try artificial flower making, the book suggests, though, "prospects are not encouraging at the moment."

If that's not the right fit, author Vyrnwy Biscoe offers up private detective as an option, but take note: Among the "preliminary qualifications" are stamina, common sense and secretarial work, and massage skills "may prove to be a distinct asset on occasions."

Goat farming is another option, which in 1932 was estimated to pay three guineas a week. Interested? The value at the time, in pounds sterling, would be around $5 at today's exchange rate.

However, nowadays three guineas' value in gold is worth closer to $1,500 in Canada.

If goats aren't your thing, Biscoe suggests maybe silver fox farming would be a better fit.

Also intriguing is the final option featured by VLPGold: mannequin.

Other titles highlighted recently are "Love Affair with a Cougar" (by the author of "There's a Raccoon in My Parka," naturally), and "Booty Nomad," a novel about breakups and the search for a new love.



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"I Can't Date Jesus," "How to Be a Cat Detective" and "Knitting with Balls," – the last one being a guide to knitting for "the modern man" – were also shared on the account.

Previously, the person behind the account told CTV News the account is a satirical take on knowledge, information and technology, but that he's hopeful it stirs up interest in public libraries.

"The library is like the gift that keeps on giving."

He said his favourite so far was a book containing photos of random phallic-shaped items called, "It Looks Like a C**k!"

Here's a quick look at some of the other 280 posts:


��Happy pride month�� Be the strong badass alpha doggo that you are #respect #pride

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Time for some REX-ed - - - #trex #sue #dinosaur #rex #rexappeal

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It’s Friday so here’s a book about erotic ceramics #sexpots

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