During the dark winter months, the number of car accidents involving pedestrians jumps. But a new product on the market, called the Be Seen Umbrella, could change that.

The umbrella has a shaft that is illuminated by a bright LED light that makes anyone carrying it instantly more visible in dark and rainy weather.

Three sisters in Richmond came up with the idea after seeing several news stories about pedestrian injuries.

“We do a lot of walking around town and we all have kids, so the last thing you want to do is cross a cross walk in the rainy cold weather and not be able to get seen,” said Hanaa Awad.

“With a click of a button it will switch to seven different lights and the last click it becomes an interval where all the colours flash together in rapid succession and you can have all the colours flash at the same time,” said her sister, Heba Awad.

The LED light lasts for up to two years and the umbrellas also come with a flashlight on the bottom of the handle.

The umbrellas come in several colours and sell for $19.95 on the H3Group Facebook site.

The company has recently partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and will be donating a portion of its sales to the organization during the month of September and October.