PITT MEADOWS, B.C. -- Named after the God of Mischief, a baby only days old has already taken his parents for a wild ride.

Loki was born in a hurry Monday in a Port Coquitlam, B.C. driveway.

Earlier that day, his mother Frederique Grignon, was experiencing contractions every three minutes, so she went to the hospital.

"They said, 'We think you’ll have a baby today, but later, you should go home,'" said Grignon.

To help ease her pain, the baby’s father took the expecting mother to his parents' house where Grignon could relax in a soaker tub.

But moments after he left to check on the family dog, Grignon could feel Loki coming.

"I screamed. I called for help. Pretty sure I can feel the baby’s head," she recalled.

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law came running and then called 911. The person on the phone told them to grab towels and watch for the umbilical cord.

"So we’re thinking, 'Oh my God, we’re actually delivering this baby,'" said Gail Van Den Beld. "So I’m calming Freddy down, while Christie, my daughter, is literally ready to catch this baby."

"I kind of freaked out because I said, 'You’re not a doctor, I need a doctor,'" said the new mom.

When paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later, they feared complications and figured there was enough time to get to the hospital.

Loki wasn’t willing to wait.

As they reached the driveway, with neighbours craning to see what was happening, Loki was delivered by paramedics.

"In front of all the neighbours, outside, in the driveway," said Grignon with a smile.

"The paramedic was amazing," said Nicholas Van Den Beld, the baby’s father. "He was really good at calming her down as well, walking her through step by step."

Only days old, Loki the driveway baby is already the most talked about kid in the neighbourhood.