VANCOUVER -- Girls feel a tremendous amount of pressure when it comes to body image. 

Social media means there is a growing culture of sharing curated and perfectly filtered lives.

These beauty ideals are often unachievable and can lead to a plethora of insecurities.

Schafer says girls have to find a balance between finding their authentic selves and conforming to the norms of their peers in order to feel a sense of belonging.

During teenage years, girls are often influenced by their friends and what they consume on social media.

This can often lead to negative influences stemming from peer pressure.

To help guide girls in the right direction and to have a healthy outlook on their self-confidence, parents are advised to start with role modelling.

Schafer stresses that it is important to pay close attention to how you project your own relationship with your looks.

Parents should be on all media their children are on so they have an understanding of the experience.

This will allow for a natural springboard to create conversation about beauty norms.

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