While temperatures in Vancouver reached a toasty 24 C this week, one rodent was apparently spotted beating the heat in a 7-Eleven refrigerator.

Travis Williams said he was looking at drinks with his son on Thursday afternoon when they discovered the rat lingering on the bottom shelf.

"I honestly didn't notice at first because I was looking at the higher shelves, it was my son who pointed it out to me," Williams told CTV News on Friday.

The 34-year-old snapped a few pictures and took some cellphone video showing a rat next to bottles of iced tea and soda water.

Williams said he was surprised, but not that surprised, noting that he's seen an increase in rats in the surrounding Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. His son wasn't upset by the sight either.

"He honestly thought it was kind of funny and he was more curious as to why (the rat) was in there," Williams said.

A request for comment from 7-Eleven sent early Friday afternoon has not been returned, but an employee at the store told CTV News they called in the entire staff to do a thorough cleaning after Williams reported the incident.

The father said he visits the convenience store daily and that it's generally very clean.