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BC United candidate ousted for views on Gaza, LGBTQ community


Two days after announcing a new candidate for the Surrey-North riding, BC United dismissed him for his "decision to not adhere" to the party's position on Gaza and the LGBTQ+ community.

BC United announced Asad Gondal as its candidate for Surrey-North over the weekend, but on Tuesday, party leader Kevin Falcon issued a statement saying Gondal's candidacy had been terminated.

"Prior to Mr. Gondal's nomination, he shared opinions that are inconsistent with our party's view on the situation in Gaza and inconsistent with our support for B.C.'s LGBTQ+ community," Falcon's statement said.

Gondal is the president of the B.C. Muslim Association and BC United celebrated his "25 years of entrepreneurial success and a deep commitment to serving his community" when announcing his candidacy.

Falcon said in his statement about Gondal's dismissal that the former candidate shared his opinions "in correspondence he signed on behalf of the BCMA, while representing his community."

"In light of those statements, I spoke with Mr. Gondal today to confirm his willingness to adhere to our party's long-standing position on these issues," Falcon's statement, which was released Tuesday, said. "However, he informed me that he cannot change his values and principles, including disavowing earlier statements made while president of the BCMA."

BC United has not yet named a new candidate for Surrey-North. Top Stories

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