VANCOUVER -- A sign that raised the eyebrows of B.C. ferry passengers and has been getting international attention will soon be updated, according to BC Ferries.

“Yes, we will be updating the glyph on the signage,” the corporation confirmed in an email to CTV News.

Over the weekend, the stock image used in a reminder of BC Ferries' mandatory mask policy drew comparisons, as some saw something other than just the outline of a man in a mask

Late night talk show host James Corden is apparently one of those people.

Corden, who hosts The Late Late Show, poked fun at the signs during Wednesday's episode.

During a segment looking at recent news headlines, most of which involved Donald Trump, Corden had the logo pulled up on screen.

"A company in Canada is getting a lot of attention online for its sign encouraging people to wear a mask," he summarized.

"Because, well, you'll see it when you see it."

The audience laughed, while Corden joked, "Sorry, I can't hear. I've got a penis in my ear. I mean talk about 'graphic design.'"

Laughing at the reaction of someone who didn't initially realize what he was pointing out, he asked, "How did you not see it, Susan? He's got a giant (expletive) in his ear."

When comparisons were first drawn on social media, BC Ferries confirmed that the sign was in fact what they'd chosen, and that the graphic was a stock image.

On Twitter, the company wrote, " If there was anyone unaware about our mandatory requirement to wear masks… they know now."