Flames poured from a barge loaded with crushed cars near Surrey on Tuesday, for the second time in as many months.

The fire broke out on a vessel docked near a recycling yard on the Fraser River, not far from the Pattullo Bridge. Firefighters could be seen monitoring the blaze from shore as thick smoke climbed high above the river.

From the air over the scene it appeared that the flames were contained to one end of the barge.

Two backhoes were moved off the barge as several firefighters stood near the ramp with hoses. When the heavy equipment cleared, they used hoses to tackle the flames.

About two hours after the fire was first noticed, crews were still spraying it with water. It still seemed contained, but was not any smaller.

The barge is packed with hundreds of old cars, meaning there is likely enough fuel to keep the flames going into the night.

As firefighters battle the blaze, those near the water in Surrey and New Westminster are advised to close their windows.

The fire broke out about two months after a barge loaded with crushed cars went up in flames in the same area. Multiple explosions could be heard coming from the source of the fire, which sent smoke across the region and triggered an air quality advisory.

Crews spent hours working to extinguish the blaze, which likely was fueled by upholstery inside the vehicles.