The Balaclava Rapist who was released into a Victoria halfway house last month is back behind bars, according to police.

A message on the Victoria Police Department’s Facebook page Thursday confirmed that sex offender Larry Takahashi has returned to a Correctional Service of Canada facility.

Police would not comment further and it’s unknown whether Takahashi, who was out on a temporary unescorted absence, violated his release conditions.

In October, Takahashi received a massage from a West Coast College of Massage Therapy student who didn’t know his history of sex crimes.

Among his release conditions was an order to report “all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with females.”

The College confirmed Takahashi was fully clothed and sitting face-down in a chair during the massage.

Takahashi is serving three life sentences for terrorizing at least 30 women in Edmonton between 1979 and 1983.

He was dubbed the Balaclava Rapist for his pattern of sneaking into homes and apartments and assaulting women while wearing a disguise.