The parents of Macallan "Baby Mac" Saini have been unable to track down the unlicensed daycare operator they are suing in connection with their 16-month-old son's death, newly filed court documents show.

Shelley Sheppard, Baby Mac's mother, filed a civil claim alleging negligence in September 2018.

Most of the parties named as defendants, including Vancouver Coastal Health and the Province, have filed responses with B.C. Supreme Court. Both have denied any responsibility for Mac's death.

But court records show that neither Yasmine Saad, the operator of the East Vancouver Olive Branch Family Daycare where Baby Mac died in January 2017, nor her lawyer, have responded.

Court filings show that Baby Mac's parents hired an outside company last year to try to track Saad down, but ultimately that company's efforts were unsuccessful.

They are now applying to the court for an order serving the claim to Saad and her lawyer.

A previous CTV News investigation found that Saad had been investigated by health authorities at least four times at four different addresses. 

Three of those investigations found she had broken the law by having too many children in her care.

Neither Saad nor her lawyer, who court documents identify as Joven Narwal of Narwal Litigation LLP, responded to CTV's prior requests for comment.

Saad moved out of the Kitchener Street duplex she was renting within days after Baby Mac's death.

None of the allegations have been proven in court and no criminal charges have been laid.  

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