VANCOUVER -- Almost half of British Columbians believe they are perfect 10s when it comes to keeping their distance from others during this pandemic, according to a new poll.

But when Insights West surveyed 817 people across the province, only a small fraction gave others high marks for physical distancing.

“The interesting thing about the numbers, we’re very critical of our neighbours and other B.C. residents as a whole,” said Insights West president Steve Mossop.

Sixty-five per cent of those surveyed think others are doing a terrible job keeping apart. But 89 per cent gave themselves an eight, nine or 10 out of 10.

Seniors received high marks in the poll. Nineteen per cent of British Columbians gave those 70 years of age and older 10 out of 10, and 66 per cent gave them 8 or higher.

“Perception of the level of social distancing among young adult in our province is abysmally low,” the poll states. “The majority rate this as a five or lower.”

At the same time, younger British Columbians gave themselves "an ultra-high score."

“They think they’re doing OK, but when they rate their peer group, they also give dismal numbers,” said Mossop.

The finding are very similar to polls about driving habits.

“We think we’re an awesome driver, and we think our neighbour is a terrible driver,” Mossop said with a smile. “It’s a very interesting social phenomenon that we like to point our finger at other people versus ourselves.”

Insights West's poll was conducted online from April 9 to 12. Surveys of its size have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.