A Vancouver real-estate agent has hiked his way into history.

Sebastian Albrecht completed 13 consecutive single-day climbs of North Vancouver's 853 metre Grouse Grind Monday, breaking a previous world record of 12 climbs.

His consecutive ascents up the 2.9 kilometre, nearly 30 degree sloped trek up the side of Grouse Mountain is the equivalent of climbing to the summit of Mount Everest one and a half times in one day -- or walking up Toronto's CN tower 68 times.

Albrecht began his first climb just past 6 a.m. and finished just after 11 p.m.

"I feel great now that it's all over," Albrecht told CTV British Columbia.

"Climbing that thirteenth time was just painful, honestly."

In Pictures: Climbing into the record books

Even though he says his last run was by far the hardest, Albrecht maintains he had no doubts about finishing.

"Not on the thirteenth run. By that point you've done so much work that you just have to push through," he said.

"There were doubts on earlier runs but its all for a good cause so when those doubts crept into my mind that's what you focus on."

Albrecht has raised $4,600 towards his $10,000 fundraising goal supporting the RLP Shelter Foundation, a charity that helps local shelters and supports violence prevention programs.

"I'm hoping people will still be inspired to donate even after the run is done."

A long journey

The previous record of 12 consecutive runs was held by Albrecht and another hiker, Jason Chong.

Albrecht actually met Chong last year while waiting for a gondola back to the bottom of the mountain.

"He was eating a slab of chocolate cake," he said.

"I thought this was pretty odd because you normally see hikers eating granola bars and healthy things. But now I understand -- it's just a matter of eating as many calories as you can."