Abbotsford police are trying to identify a driver who filmed himself speeding around a winding, potentially icy mountain road then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The poster, named TheStiggyOne, wrote that the video was filmed on Jan. 1, 2013 using a GoPro camera that appears to be mounted onto the hood of his car.

The footage begins in a residential neighbourhood before moving onto Mountain Drive, an area Const. Ian MacDonald described as potentially treacherous in the cold.

“I know the route that he took quite well and that, at certain points of the year, can be an absolute ice rink,” MacDonald said.

The road, which sports some blind corners, has a 50 kilometre-per-hour speed limit, which MacDonald said is clearly broken in the clip.

That speeding and an illegal pass that takes place on a hill are two moments MacDonald described as “lowlights” of the video.

The footage has already been turned over to the Abbotsford Police Department’s traffic section, which will determine what potential action could be taken against the driver.

MacDonald said the clip is just the latest example of suspects inadvertently aiding investigators through social media.

“I think what individuals sometimes don’t realize is that they’re actually gathering evidence that would be used against them,” he said.

Last year, a motorcycle was infamously filmed burning down a busy Vancouver Island highway at speeds of nearly 300 kilometres per hour.

The alleged driver, 25-year-old Randy George Scott, turned himself in to police and was charged with dangerous driving.

The bike was confiscated and sold at auction.