Almost two and a half years after the murder of B.C. realtor Lindsay Buziak, both her family and Saanich police are turning to the NBC television series Dateline for help.

Buziak, 24, was stabbed to death while showing a Saanich property on February 2, 2008. Police now believe she may have been targeted by a man and a woman posing as potential buyers, and that she did not know her killers.

"One of our working theories for the reason she was targeted may be based on some mistaken information," Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen said.

Police now say that data from the show home's lock box as well as Buziak's unanswered text messages have helped them narrow the time of her murder to a two-minute span around 5:40 p.m.

They've also revealed that Buziak was killed in an upstairs room that wasn't visible from the street, and the attackers fled through a back door -- they were likely covered in blood.

But police have no DNA evidence, weapon or cell-phone records linking anyone to the murder.

"The reality is that unfortunately we've had more doors closing lately than have been opening," Det. Chris Horsley said.

That's why police agreed to talk to Dateline NBC in the hopes it will create new leads. The story will air later this summer.

"Dateline is a far bigger net, and the answers may not lay in the Victoria area," Horsley said.

Buziak's father Jeff was interviewed by Dateline, as was her boyfriend Jason Zailo, who found the young woman's body and has been ruled out as a suspect.

Jeff Buziak said he's lost faith in the Saanich police, and has hired private investigators.

"I believe the Saanich police has to look for assistance and turn the case over to the Vancouver Island major crimes," he said.

Like the police, he hopes the NBC exposure will help solve the case.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Leah Hendry