VANCOUVER -- British Columbians using a public, indoor fitness facility can now be fined for not wearing a mask, even while working out.

The province's public safety minister announced the change Tuesday, saying it reflects the provincial health officer's new guidance on indoor exercise.

According to the public safety ministry, that guidance now says masks are required during workouts, while previously they were only required throughout other areas of fitness facilities. Those facilities include gyms, fitness studios and dance studios.

Police and other officials can enforce the rules at their discretion and people not wearing a mask as required in indoor public spaces can be fined $230.

"This updated ministerial order on masks ensures a co-ordinated response to COVID-19. For the purposes of this order, a mask or face covering is defined as a medical or non-medical mask that covers the nose and mouth," a statement from the province says.

"Face shields are not a substitute for a mask as there is an opening below the mouth."

Exemptions to the mask rules are in place for people with health conditions or physical, cognitive or mental impairments who can't wear one. Children under the age of 12 also aren't required to wear a mask, but are encouraged to do so if they're over the age of two.

Indoor group physical fitness is prohibited for adults, at least until the end of the May long weekend. That includes low- and high-intensity classes, but does not include individual workouts.