A B.C. man went on a rampage in downtown Seattle Thursday night, smashing cars before beating a parking attendant, according to a report from the Seattle Police Department.

Bystanders captured video of the man pulling a sunroof off a Lyft driver's car before turning on the attendant, an SPD parking enforcement officer.

"The guy was jumping from one car hood to another car hood, smashing people's windshields," the Lyft driver told Seattle's KOMO News.

The police report identifies the man as a West Vancouver resident in his late 20s. His name is redacted.

According to the report, the man also damaged several other cars, including a Tesla, a Honda and a Volkswagen.

Eventually, several bystanders tackled the man to the ground, but he continued to struggle. Even police had trouble restraining the man when they arrived.

"I was really proud of the way citizens helped support the safety of this poor officer," said witness Shelly Kurtz, referring to the assaulted parking attendant.

Seattle police believe the man was on drugs. He was taken into custody, and officers are considering charges of malicious mischief and assault.