VANCOUVER -- What would you do if you won the lottery?

For one B.C. lottery winner, a recent windfall means he'll be able to hit the road on two wheels, riding next to the friend he bought the ticket with.

Daniel Brito and Kenneth Phillips won a total of $100,040 earlier this year in a Keno draw, off a ticket they bought at a pub in New Westminster.

"I noticed all of the numbers started to come up… I realized that we won big," Phillips said in a news release issued Tuesday by the B.C. Lottery Corporation

While Phillips has tamer plans in mind – putting his share into savings – Brito says he plans to spend his cash on a motorcycle so the two of them can ride together.

Also several thousand dollars richer is Russell Martin, of Surrey, whose group of co-workers matched all four Extra numbers on a Double Dip Ticket Pack last month.

"The hair on the back of my neck stood up!" Martin told BCLC. "I quickly did the math and realized how much we each one."

Martin didn't say what the group, who've been playing together for seven years, will spend their cash on.

"The win means something to each of us and will change our lives in different ways," he said, adding everyone has different ideas.

But he noted a common theme: "Each one of us will be helping out our family."

And like Phillips and Brito, Vancouver Island resident Joseph Lambert just won big in a Keno draw.

Lambert, who lives in Bowser, bought his ticket at a pub and ended up $25,070 richer.

As with the co-workers, he too plans to help out a family member. 

He told BCLC he'll be treating his daughter to a spa day with some of his prize.

Gamblers are reminded the odds of winning big cash prizes vary by type of game, but are generally considered low. For example, the odds of winning a 6/49 jackpot are one in nearly 14 million

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