VANCOUVER -- Chilliwack's own Bella has proven herself to be a top dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The German shepherd wowed judges at the international competition in New York and she is not coming home empty pawed.

All the three-year-old pup's hard work paid off when she won the coveted title of best female German shepherd at the event Sunday.

"She's the number one German shepherd dog, the number one herding dog and the number six dog of all breeds in Canada," said Jody Duin, Bella's owner.

"It's a big dog show, it's huge and what a lot of people reference as being the Super Bowl of dog shows."

Like any other athlete, Bella's journey to the podium has been long in the making.

She has been training for two years and won title after title in Canada before going head-to-tail south of the border.

All of her training has been preparing her to compete in the Westminster event, which is one of the most prestigious and largest dog shows in North America.

"She's like my best friend we do everything together," said Courtney Penner, Bella's trainer.

After showcasing a perfect stance Bella was crowned with her new title and will return home Tuesday with yet another ribbon to her name.