The Kelowna RCMP officer charged with assault after being caught on video kicking a kneeling suspect in the face has changed his plea to guilty, according to reports.

Const. Geoff Mantler was filmed punting 51-year-old Buddy Tavares during a traffic stop in January 2011. Mantler initially pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

Castanet is reporting the Crown rested its case on Wednesday morning, following testimony from officers at the scene, civilian witnesses and an expert in use of force. Mantler altered his plea when court reconvened in the afternoon.

Earlier in the trial, the defence broke the footage of the kick down frame by frame, highlighting a fifth of a second in which Tavares appears to raise his hands slightly toward the officer.

Mantler has been suspended from duty since January 2011 and has since had his pay revoked.

Court proceedings will continue under the new plea.