A B.C. boy who went missing more than seven years ago was reintroduced to his family in a joyful homecoming in Kamloops Monday.

Ten-year-old Valor Howell was allegedly abducted by his mother Jamie from Grand Forks in 2003.

His father, Garrett Taylor, has been searching for Valor ever since, and his patience was rewarded last week when police arrested Jamie Howell for disorderly conduct at a Laundromat in Chandler, Arizona.

After returning to B.C., Valor met Tyra and Tian Taylor, the older sisters he had almost forgotten.

"It's surprising and really exciting to finally get to see him -- what he looks like all grown up," Tyra said.

Valor has few memories of his B.C. family, but the girls are working to rebuild their relationship.

"We showed him some pictures and he says, ‘The only thing I remember is you walking in the door,'" Tian said.

After years of hiring private detectives and using online resources like Facebook to track down his son, Garrett Taylor is now shifting gears to being Valor's dad again.

"I'm comfortable that it's going to work out. I sense relief in him that he's somewhere safe and secure and stable," he said.

The reunion was nearly delayed over paperwork issues, but Canadian Foreign Affairs officials and child protection workers made sure it was possible. Taylor now has full custody of his son.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Kent Molgat