Vancouver might not be home to this year's NBA champions, but it appears some of its residents may have profited handsomely from the Toronto Raptors' dramatic win Thursday night.

According to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, B.C. bettors who wagered the Raptors would win their first-ever championship this year have won more than $250,000 combined.

"Despite going into the season and the NBA Finals as underdogs to win it all, more than 1,000 players made bets on the Raptors," BCLC said in a statement. "One of the earliest bets was made in July 2018, when the Raptors were listed at lofty 49/1 odds."

The Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in a thrilling Game 6 of the Finals Thursday, picking up their NBA trophy in team history.

BCLC said betting is already open on the 2020 basketball season through The Raptors have the second best odds at 23/4.