Putting up the outdoor Christmas lights is a Christmas chore that not many look forward to, and can even be dangerous (remember National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?)

That’s why more people are turning to the experts to do the work for them this year.

Paisley Agnesini hired the cleverly-named “The Light Before Christmas” to purchase and hang the holiday lights at her brand-new Burnaby home.

Agnesini said wasn’t keen on her husband climbing onto the roof to put up Christmas lights himself.

"The first thing I thought was ‘oh no, I don't want him up there’ and we probably don't have the right ladder,” she told CTV’s Steele on Your Side.  

Kane Litwiniec, owner of The Light Before Christmas, says business has doubled since he started in the company in 2008.

The company specializes in light installations for homes, apartments and businesses in Metro Vancouver, with prices starting at $175.   The company will either hang your existing lights or purchase new ones for you, depending on your needs. The company buys lights in bulk and will pass on their discount.  

“A lot of our clients don't have a 30-foot ladder.  We’ve got all the equipment, we got the experience,” Litwiniec told CTV’s Steele on Your Side.

The company carries $3-million in liability insurance in case something goes wrong.  The guys start installing lights November 1 and return in January to take the lights down.  

Agnesini paid $250 dollars for her Christmas light installation and says it was worth it.

"It seemed we were never going to have time to get to it and I wanted to get it up a little bit early so we can enjoy it for the whole season and this just seemed like such an easy solution,” she said.  

The Light Before Christmas is just one B.C. firm that does Christmas light installations.  A quick Google search turned up at least eight in the Lower Mainland, and one posted on Kijiji. 

Have your say: Would you pay someone to put up your Christmas lights?  Do you hate installing those outdoor lights?