Some scary moments for some Burnaby residents who woke up to a large ball of flames on the street.

Two vehicles were fully engulfed in flames along Maywood Street near Willingdon Avenue just before 3 a.m. Sunday.

Residents told CTV News they noticed one car was on fire and the flames eventually spread to the second car.

Fire officials said the radiant heat from the blaze also damaged a nearby three-storey apartment building.

"It was quite scary. I was surprised. How come this car caught on fire in the middle of the night? It's kind of strange," said resident Mustafa Ghulam.

Burnaby firefighters also share the same sentiment and suspect this was a case of arson.

"The fact that the two vehicles were parked and they weren't involved in an accident…for them to be simultaneously on fire with no collision is unusual," said Chief Larry Davidson.

Davidson said the RCMP are now investigating the cause.