A suspect has been identified and a warrant issued for his arrest more than a month after a dramatic outburst allegedly triggered by an "incorrect" coffee order.

New Westminster police are looking to bring Alan Sam Deguillaume into custody.

The 28-year-old is wanted for assault and mischief, and anyone who sees him is advised to call 911.

The arrest warrant is connected to an incident that occurred at a local Tim Hortons last month. Police were called to the franchise on Sept. 6 for reports that a patron had been assaulted.

When they arrived, they were told a customer had ordered an Iced Capp, then claimed his order was wrong. The NWPD were told he then began insulting staff, and eventually dumped his drink across the counter, a move captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

He paced back and forth, then shoved the register off the counter. At some point during the outburst, he allegedly kicked and punched another customer who tried to intervene.

"It is concerning that someone can become that irate over an apparently incorrect order, but thankfully nobody was seriously injured," Sgt. Jeff Scott said in the statement.