A British Columbia boy whose mother allegedly kidnapped him more than seven years ago has been located by authorities in Chandler, Arizona.

Chandler police say they found 10-year-old Valor Howell at a local laundromat with his mother, Jamie, while responding to a report of disorderly conduct.

Officers checked her ID and discovered an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Valor went missing from Grand Forks, B.C. in 2003. His father Garrett Taylor has been searching for him ever since.

Police updated Taylor on Monday, though he was reluctant to get his hopes up.

"I've had that information in the past -- that he's been located -- then nothing ever happened," Taylor told CTV News Tuesday. "[His abductor] ended up being able to disappear with him again."

For years, Taylor used websites, including Facebook, to try and generate tips about Valor's whereabouts. He even hired lawyers and detectives, but says he only found "dead end after dead end."

But after six long years, Taylor says he will be flying to Arizona to reunite with his son on Friday.

"It really hit home today," he said. "It's a prayer come true, literally."

The boy, who is said to be in good health, has been taken into Child Protective Services' custody in the meantime. Taylor said experts will help prepare Valor for their meeting to offset the shock of seeing his father again.