Vancouver Taxi has suspended a driver indefinitely after a passenger shot a video of what he believes was the cabbie driving drunk.

But the company has not ruled out the possibility that the unnamed driver could drive one of its taxis again.

In a phone call, Vancouver Taxi general manager John Palis told CTV News the man had a clean driving record and there was no way to be sure he was intoxicated despite the passenger’s claims.

Palis is not sure what the next step will be, but says one option for the company is to pull the driver’s chauffer’s permit and report the incident to Vancouver police.

Another option could see him serve his suspension and then resume driving for Vancouver Taxi.

That’s not something that sits well with Bob Rorison, local president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"Is he the only person that's driving impaired? Are there other people? Are there people within the company and other companies that drive impaired regularly? If they are the company and the other drivers need to report them,” said Rorison.

So far, the drunk driving allegations have not resulted any charges.

The Vancouver Police Department says in a situation like this impaired driving charges could be brought against a driver if enough evidence could be gathered and witnesses come forward.