VANCOUVER -- It’s been three months since PGA professional Nick Taylor last played an event on tour, and the B.C. golfer is now at home because of the pandemic.

Taylor is back in Abbotsford with his wife Andie and son Charlie. He plans on going back in three weeks, but for now, he’s staying home.

"Family part has been great. As a travelling golfer, you don’t get to spend too much time at home.” Taylor told CTV News.

The PGA tour is back and into its second week of action with no COVID-19 cases. Taylor has been watching and says there is one thing missing in the game, and it’s the fans.

“It’s different…last week, I thought the craziest moment was when someone missed a short putt to try to win, and there were no oohs or ahhhs,” he said.

In February, Taylor heard the roar of the crowd when he won his second PGA event at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California.

"It seems like such a long time ago. Also, it seems like it was yesterday," he said.

On the final day, Taylor was in the lead and was paired with fan favorite Phil Mickelson.

"A lot of emotions. I was playing good golf, I was confident going into the round, but also knew that Phil being who Phil is-- a hall of famer-- and won this five times. I knew I had to stick to my own game and not worry about what he was doing," reflects Taylor.

The 32-year-old held on to a four-stroke victory at Pebble Beach, celebrating his second PGA tour win with his family.

“It was incredible… a great moment for us to share," he said.

This week, Taylor has been brought back to his roots, playing in the Vancouver Golf Tour at the Chilliwack Golf Club.

"I started my pro career out here," he said.

Fraser Mulholland, president of the tour, is thrilled to have Taylor's calibre in the field. He’s also been a big inspiration to all the golfers chasing the dream of playing professionally.

“He paved the way for a lot (of) future players to come play our tour and learn from what he did," Mulholland said.

There are 36 professional and 96 amateur golfers teeing it up for $11,000 in total prize money. The tour’s motto is "Preparing tomorrow’s champions."

"Trying to lay the foundation for young pros and amateurs, give them a place to play, give them that stepping stone from collegiate golf,” said Mulholland.

Unfortunately, the event will have no spectators to watch Taylor play.

"There is a lot of logistics to keep people six feet hundred and fifty acre property… action on the tee box and around the green. It's hard to keep the people six feet apart or more,” Mulholland told CTV News.

Taylor hasn’t forgot where he came from and continually gives back to his local golf community by playing events like the Vancouver Golf Tour.

"I feel it really kick-started my career to move on in 2013. I love playing up here. It's been a while," he said. "Nice to see some old faces. I’m looking forward to it.”