A family-run farm in Abbotsford is looking to break a world record involving a full moon, goats and yoga this weekend.

Maan Farms is attempting to get 356 guests to participate in a session of goat yoga on Saturday, June 22.

The farm runs a series of events based around the billies and nannies ranging from a yoga and chai event to a wine and goat yoga session.

The farm says it's attempting to break the world record in honour of the "strawberry full moon."

The moon, which appeared in B.C. skies on Monday, is the term for a pinkish-hued moon which appears in June.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, it's the last full moon of spring and was named after the wild strawberries that normally ripen at this time.

But for those looking to help set a world record in B.C., the farm does offer some warnings.

"This experience is kept as organic as possible to ensure we provide everyone with an authentic experience. With that said, expect the goats to pee and poop during the class."

The world record was reportedly set in February by an Arizona goat yoga class, featuring 351 participants and 84 goats.

The Abbotsford attempt kicks off at 10 a.m. with tickets costing $25 each.