Several people are homeless after a fire in Maple Ridge consumed two houses early Thursday morning.

Fire officials said the fire started at around 3:30 a.m. in a house at 117 Avenue and 223 Street. It quickly spread to a dead tree on the property and ignited the neighbouring home.

None of the seven people who lived in the houses were injured but residents say a dog and two cats perished in the blaze.

Jessica Laxton said she and her husband were woken by neighbours banging on the windows and doors of her house yelling “fire.” They ran out of the house leaving their dog behind.

“My husband ran back in and brought her out. She kept running back in. There was flames in the kitchen at that time. He dragged her out,” she said.

Laxton said other pets weren’t so lucky.  

“The neighbour's dog got burned alive,” she said. “And now I don't know. The powerlines were on fire. Everything is gone. Everything I own is gone, This is all I own now -- this is it -- my housecoat, my pajamas.”

None of the residents had insurance.

Crews are working to determine the cause of the fire.